Farm Sheds

Mennonite Built Farm Sheds  - Built by same company for over 20 years in NW Arkansas. They built for the Burney's for over 10 years of that time under Showcase Sheds in NW Arkansas.  Now they are building for our new Farms to Families @ Bear Mountain.  Of course the price of lumber has gone up and the cost of metal, but these sheds are in hot demand all over the country.

We have a base cost on each size and style, options are number of windows, types of doors, type of roof materials, and type of siding, so we need to give you a QUOTE.  Fill out the form below and we will call you about your needs and give you a quote.

Custom Coop KITS

Starting Size 8X8 and up

Options-Shingles or Metal Roof

No. of Nesting Boxes, More

Request a Quote

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Is your location smooth and flat?

Is the site accessible to our big truck and trailer?

Are there any tree or highline wires obstucting the path to the site?

Getting to your site, any sharp corners that will make it difficult from our truck and trailer to turn

Does the truck, trailer and building have to go through a gate?  It needs to be WIDER than the building. Please measure to be sure.

Does water stand or drain well under where your shed will go?


We will not be able to deliver your shed if it is raining, or has rained and the ground is soft

We will not be able to deliver in the snow, ice, or extremely windy weather.

For Big Barns 

Options are lofts at each end, or one loft

Regular or Oversized Double Doors

For Livestock Sheds

Options - Tack Room added to end/or in middle

Build on Site-Custom Buildings

Lots of Questions........

When you request a quote:

Be sure and tell us what TYPE,

and what SIZE you are looking for.

We will ask you about your choice of:

1. Roof Materials (Shingles or Metal), Number and type of windows, door

2. Siding Type

Wood or Metal

Stained or Painted Wood

Color of Metal

3. Type of Door (s)

9 Pane-Metal

Wood - Single, or Oversized Single

Double Door(s)

PLEASE ALLOW US 4-5 Business Days to get back with you.