Ynot Farm

Located in NW Arkansas, Erin and Josh and their two children have a sweet farm and raise Goats, Sheep, Pork, Donkeys, Horses, Beef, Lambs, and they even have a Lama!

You can pre-order TODAY for a whole, half, or quarter beef or pork or lamb.

Check out the valuable information on how to order and what you get.  Their prices are sweet as well.  They will be butchering beef on May 15th and pork will be available around July 17th.   A Deposit of $150 is required at time of ordering, balance due a week before  pickup. Make check to Farms to Families.


OFFERING 1/8 Beef NOW!!! Contact us 479.601.3803

How to Order Beef
Pre-Order Beef
Available Now and
May 15th
How to Order Pork
Pre-Order Pork Now Available and again on
July 17th, 2022
How to Order Lamb
Info Coming Soon
Pre-Order Lamb

Standard Cut Order Sheet for Quarter

1. Steaks: Ribeye, Sirloin, and Tbone 

    a. Steaks per Package: 2

    b. Steak width: 3/4"

2. Roasts: 3 lbs (shoulder, rump, chuck, etc)

3. Hamburger: 1 lb packages

4. Short Ribs: Yes

5. Stew Meat: 1 package

6. Brisket: Yes

7. Round steaks and sirloin tips: Yes and Tenderized

8. Soup Bones: Yes

9. No organs

Want to Order by Phone?


Still have questions or want to talk to a real live person to order?  
Call Erin at 479.789.4243