PRE-ORDERS - Spring 2022

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Basil Sweet Sweet Basil (also sometimes called Common Basil is the undisputed king of the Italian basils),$4.00


Basil Purple Easy to grow, bush type annual. Deep Purple color.  Grows to approx 18" tall.$4.00


Calendula Mix Annual, Produces 3" flowers. Great medicinal herb with healing agent properties.$6.00

Cucumber Early Fortune 55 days, Slicing fruit grows 7-8" long. Almost never bitter $7.00

Cucumber Pickling60 Days Heirloom variety $7.00


Luffa Gourd 100 Days, Fibrous interior converts to sponges. Great flavor when harvested and eaten young.$7.00

Pepper Banana 60 Days sweet wax pepper, tapered fruit reaches 6-7" long. $7.00


Pink Celery - Smaller than normal, 110 days and very eye catching.  $7

Pumpkin Mix Max Big Max produces large, nearly-round fruit, 17-18" in diameter, and can grow well over 100 lbs $5.00

Squash Crookneck 55 Days, Yellow bulb shaped fruit. Prolific producer $7.00

Tomato Abe Lincoln Wonderful Heirloom indeterminate variety, medium to large red fruit.$7.00


Tomato Beefsteak 90 Days Indeterminate Variety, great slicer $7.00 

Tomato Mortgage Lifter 85 Days, smooth 1lb pink fruit with delicious sweet taste $7.00

Tomato Amish Paste A consistently great sauce variety. This heirloom is technically a plum, but of the larger sort. Plump, elongated fruit with broad shoulders, and dense meaty flesh. $7.00

Tomato Cherokee Purple 80 Days indeterminate variety, deep dusky purple-pink color, sweet flavor, large fruit.$7.00

Tomato Carbon 80 days, deep purple beefsteak that is highly prized for it’s taste. $7.00

Tomato Dr. Wyche 80 Days, The 1-lb fruit is solid and smooth; the color is a glowing tangerine-orange that always stands out in the kitchen or on the vine.$7.00

Tomato Sweetheart Cherry 75-80 days Sugar-sweet, crunchy and so delicious! This cherry tomato is simply packed with sweetness and a rich, berry-like flavor. $7.00

Tomato Barry's Crazy Cherry 75 days. Pale yellow cherries are delicious, and grow on some of the largest clusters known$7.00

Tomato Berries & Cream 75 days.  A super-sweet cherry tomato, cream berries are super prolific. These boast a delicate but complex flavor and a beautiful cream color with purple-blue splashes on the shoulder. A Wild Boar variety.$7.00

Utah Tall Celery - $7

 Zucchini Black Beauty 50 days. Bush. The classic dark-green summer squash delicious fried or baked.$5.00


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